[OLSR-users] Getting started with OLSR

lee hughes (spam-protected)
Fri Jul 22 20:15:27 CEST 2005

I'm using ff firmware on wrt54g, thanks to
http://www.vdomck.org/blog/?p=48 I've managed to get it up and running
fine. My question is, is it possible to run oslr on the lan too....

I've have this configuration due to bandwidth issues.


in the back to back configuration oslr does'nt seen to be active on
the lan interfaces when not usinh the lan side and the wireless side
without bridging (br0) ?

can oslr work like this? we use a back to back configuration for extra
bandwidth on the backhall links we use.

again, it would also be useful for my internet gateway to choose best
routes as I have three WRT54G, that feed different parts off my
community.., so


are these configuration valid? I'd prefer to use correct routing but
maybe I can spit the lan into two subnets, rather like the wireless
side, i.e. lower half is for static web server, oslr routers and
clients that need a (nan-natted ip address like voip etc) and the
upper can be for clients so they get a bit protection behind nat?.

let me know if I'm barking up the right tree...

Oh, oslr is amazing!!!!! with EXT link quality extension it's even
better! hope you can help.


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