[OLSR-users] Getting started with OLSR

Mike McKay (spam-protected)
Fri Jul 22 19:21:07 CEST 2005

Mike McKay wrote:
> Thanks so much for the help.
> I basically figured out your friefunk OLSR settings from here:
>> <http://www.sredzki40.de/NetzwerkDiagram.html>
>> (blue net == fully routet, no NAT, fixed IPs; red is  dhcp IPs, behind
>> NAT)
> and that was enough for me to get it going. It now basically works like 
> my dream mesh network. Now I just have to test the sort of range that I 
> can get and make sure it works in the real world. It should be lots of fun.

> I am going to try and capture the start to finish process in my blog so 
> the next guy will find it that much easier. I'll post a link here when 
> its finished.

I blogged a howto freifunk OLSR on the WRT54G. Might be useful for 
someone down the road. And if anybody sees anything blatantly wrong do 
let me know!


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