[OLSR-users] Getting started with OLSR

aaron (spam-protected)
Tue Jul 19 15:49:25 CEST 2005

hi mike!

> I would like to build a wireless mesh network to cover my city 
> (Lilongwe), and perhaps take it further if possible. But first I would 
> like to start with my neighborhood.
cool :)
> I have read the Wireless Hacks book, and done plenty of googling, but I 
> would love to hear some suggestions on what are the must read docs - 
> they must be out there, because I don't quite have my head around it all 
> yet.
it takes time and experience but it works :)

> On my 3 WRT54Gs I have installed the Friefunk firmware, which is based 
> on OpenWRT, and has OLSR ready to run on it. I managed to plug in via 
> ethernet two laptops to two different WRT54Gs with one acting as an 
> internet gateway and it worked - I could surf the web from both laptops. 
> This was pretty easy and very cool - but I had pretty much just followed 
> the instructions here: 
> http://csircoin.blogspot.com/2005/07/few-tips-with-olsr-on-openwrt-freifunk.html
> This is all good but I want more. My perfect mesh would work something 
> like this:
> Take a bunch of Freifunked WRT54Gs and disperse them around the 
> neighborhood, preferable on rooftops with antennas. Some of these would 
> be connected to VSAT systems and therefore provide a route to the web. 
> Then whoever wants to jump on the mesh, just turns on their machine and 
> connects to the ad-hoc network supplied by the mesh.
> Is this possible? So far, I get the feeling that every client on the 


> mesh needs to be running the OLSR software, unless that client is 
> connecting via one of the ethernet interfaces on a WRT54G. This makes 
> sense I guess, but I just want to make sure I am not missing something. 
> I am able to connect to the ad-hoc network with my windows laptop, using 
> the builtin wireless software (i.e. no OLSR), but then I am unable to 
> ping anything - including the router that it connected to.
sure, because OLSR distributes the routes.

> If I have to install the OLSR software on every client, then that is 
> fine. I have installed the OLSR Switch software on my box, but I haven't 
That's what i prefer to do :)

> successfully discovered any routes with it, let alone shared a 
> connection or browsed the web.
should be prossible. If you are more specific then maybe someone here
has an idea why its not working.

> Questions:
> 1) Am I on the right track? Is this the best practice/hacker/cheap way 
> to build a community network?

> 2) Assuming yes on 1, how do I put roll out a simple but effective OLSR 
> deployment?

In Vienna we created an automatic build environment.
people come to us with a linksys and we enter their data. Then on our webpage
there is a button "build firmware" and it gets built.
Then the user gets an email with an URL. he/she then downloads the firmware
and flashes it onto the linksys. voila! instant turn on mesh routing.

so far very effective.

> 3) What am I doing wrong with OLSR Switch, and how do I debug?
there could be many reasons. if you have more specific info (i.e.
IP setup etc) then it is easier to analyze.

> Thanks in advance - I am very excited about the possibilities here.
sure :)

> Mike
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