[OLSR-users] Getting started with OLSR

Darren Poulson (spam-protected)
Tue Jul 19 17:14:04 CEST 2005

aaron said:
> hi mike!
> (...)

First off, Good luck Mike! It is all very possible (and fun!)

> In Vienna we created an automatic build environment.
> people come to us with a linksys and we enter their data. Then on our
> webpage
> there is a button "build firmware" and it gets built.
> Then the user gets an email with an
> URL. he/she then downloads the firmware
> and flashes it onto the linksys. voila! instant turn on mesh routing.
> so far very effective.

This sounds like a very good idea! Is it open source and available for
other people to use? I'm trying to set up a community style mesh and I've
written a basic module for phpNuke which allows users to register a node
(they get a node name, and a unique IP address) and enter the co-ordinates
for their node for future mapping projects! Adding ready made firmware for
wrt54g users would be a definate benefit!

>> 3) What am I doing wrong with OLSR Switch, and how do I debug?
> there could be many reasons. if you have more specific info (i.e.
> IP setup etc) then it is easier to analyze.
>> Thanks in advance - I am very excited about the possibilities here.
> sure :)
>> Mike



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