[OLSR-users] bugreport: olsrd crashing sometimes at funkfeuer

Andreas Petersson (spam-protected)
Tue Feb 22 18:52:47 CET 2005


i have not researched it fully, but olsrd seems to segfault on a regular 

i happens mostly in the same "cluster" of nodes, located at ma51, but it 
happened in the past on other nodes as well. on a pc it crashed 6 times 
in 2 hours. on 2 other linksys boxen (of 30 total) it crashed a single 
time in those 2 hours.
one time it crashed on node "KH" when we reeanbled one link that closed 
a big circle in our mesh graph.

i have recorded the output of olsrd -d 1 in a 5 MB file, but it 
contained nothing suspicious (at least for me). if you want i can put it 

we still use a version of the freifunk configuration file (see attached 

i run a little skript on most of the nodes, which checks if olsrd is 
still running, if neccessary it restarts olsrd and takes a snapshot of 
the routing table.

while [ true ]; do
         sleep 300;
         if [ `ps ax|grep "olsrd\ \-d\ 0"|wc -l` -lt 1 ] ; then
                 echo "olsrd down, respawning olsr.."
                 echo "had to restart olsrd at "`date` >> 
                 echo "routing table:" >> /var/olsr-reanimator.log
                 route -n >> /var/olsr-reanimator.log
                 olsrd -d 0 &
         echo "olsrd seems to run, nothing to do..."

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