[OLSR-users] internet gateway (ip forward?) problem

Andreas T√łnnesen (spam-protected)
Wed Feb 23 09:54:34 CET 2005

> Thanks, for input.
> so, now i have set up the system behind a NAT, so that i can play
> around with my addresses and networks. i have used the
> network for my base-station and wired network. and i have used
> network for my ad-hoc part of the network. (both with
> mask ). I found the same problem... i could only ping
> interfaces that were running olsrd.

This sounds like you have set up NAT in the access point? My suggestion
was that you enabled nat on the olsr GW.

> and now it works..but, am i really using olsrd here or, what? is there
> another way to do it, that is more direct use of the olsr protocol?

As long as a node in the MANET can access the Internet via a GW olsr is in
An importent consept to understand here is that OLSR ony routes within the
MANET. It can set up aggragated routes via GWs in the MANET but the
gateways must be able to route to and from the MANET if this is to work.

- Andreas

Andreas T√łnnesen

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