[OLSR-users] does there exists any IPv6 address auto-conf plugin orsoftware

aaron (spam-protected)
Sat Feb 12 11:19:32 CET 2005

> Of course, you are right with that. But thats not what I would call
> autoconfiguration, because there is one step I need to do manually
> beforehand. That is getting to know the /64 prefix of the particular
> manet (or one agrees on to use the same prefix in all manets, so that
> there would be a well known one).
yes you are right. Sorry, short sightedness due to excessive "we have  
our own distro (openwrt) and that solves everything" thinking.
(it would be possible to hard code the prefix into a distro)

hm... hmm...

that leads to three other thoughts:
1) we just agree on a whatever for example /64 or /48 prefix and the  
autoconfig problem is solved until every cubic kilometer of the known  
is supposed to have its own IP addr (or the 48 bit space for MACs runs  
out, whatever comes first ;-)
personally I would prefer this approach since it keeps things simple.

2) lets go back to literature:
there is a nice (apart from PACMAN) article in ADHOC-NOW 2004:
  "a secure autoconfiguration protocol for MANET nodes"
by F. Buiati, Puttini and De Sousa


but it deals mostly with certs and trust etc. => CPU intensive (SSL) if  
it should provide some real security

3) use some source of global time (f.ex sequence numbers) and the MAC  
addr as seed for a PRNG. Of course again you should do DAD but the  
probability of duplicates will be very low given a good PRNG and IPv6  
addr space.

> So if I start dhcp, then I magically get an IP addr. If I "start" IPv6
> in a manet, then I need to get the prefix information from somewhere
> beforehand (which is a problem if a manet is really ad-hoc, or I am
> just a visitor in vienna who sees the essid ;) and I just want to pop
> into the manet). I would have had to get that prefix info beforehand
> from somewhere.
> kind regards,
> jens
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