[OLSR-users] does there exists any IPv6 address auto-conf plugin orsoftware

Andreas T√łnnesen (spam-protected)
Sat Feb 12 11:10:23 CET 2005

I agree with Jens here. An autoconfiguration scheme should allow a node
to enter with no information about the MANET and be able to participate
within a short period of time. This includes beeing given/generating
a IPv6 host address and receiv information about the MANET routing
parameters(in OLSR that would mainly be the multicast address used for
control traffic).
One can imagine a background process listening for MANET routing traffic
which then presents the user with an option to join this MANET, kind
of like todays WLAN detection mechanisms. This application chould
listen for OLSR/AODV etc. traffic and derive the prefix used from
hosts announced, generate a IPv6 address based on this prefix and
derive the MANET parameters from the routing traffic.
But I still think one should have some sort of duplicate address
detection(DAD) since duplicate MAC addresses might occure, and this
can cause problems for the entire network not just for hosts on a link
like in Ethernet scenarios. Also a more generic approach based on
DAD would allow for use of IPv4 as well.

- Andreas

Jens Nachtigall wrote:
> Hi aaron,
>>I disagree with that.
>>There are enough /64 ipv6 addr for every square meter on this planet.
>>So as far as I can recall, everyone should have "his" or "her" /64
>>net. Hence: 128-64 = 64 > 48
>>so for me the recipe would be:
>>1) get a /64 prefix from my provider
>>2) share the /64 with the whole MANET
>>3) agree on a common prefix of 64-48 = 16 bits
>>4) just copy the 48 bits MAC into the remaining parts.
>>so no radvd needed in this case.
> Of course, you are right with that. But thats not what I would call 
> autoconfiguration, because there is one step I need to do manually 
> beforehand. That is getting to know the /64 prefix of the particular 
> manet (or one agrees on to use the same prefix in all manets, so that 
> there would be a well known one).
> So if I start dhcp, then I magically get an IP addr. If I "start" IPv6 
> in a manet, then I need to get the prefix information from somewhere 
> beforehand (which is a problem if a manet is really ad-hoc, or I am 
> just a visitor in vienna who sees the essid ;) and I just want to pop 
> into the manet). I would have had to get that prefix info beforehand 
> from somewhere.
> kind regards,
> jens
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Andreas T√łnnesen

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