[OLSR-users] willingness vs. LQ routing

Thomas Lopatic (spam-protected)
Wed Feb 9 14:44:55 CET 2005

[Should we have a "LinkQualityMult" per-interface configuration directive?]

> yes yes yes yes yes yes !

Okay, that sounds convincing. It'll be in 0.4.9, then. :-) Or am I 
missing something? Any objections anyone?


> it would be really neat if we could redefine these parameters without 
> restarting olsrd. then i would write a script that estimates the link 
> speed with iwconfig/ifconfig or ping and calculates those values.
> (of course i will use a hysteresis for this)

I am afraid that this is currently no as easy to implement. Dynamic 
reconfiguration is currently not supported by olsrd. This will probably 
be part of the new GUI infrastructure that we plan for one of the 
upcoming releases. The idea is to use the GUI to change configuration 
parameters and push them into a running olsrd process. Then dynamically 
updating the multiplier would be trivial.

> would changing those values too often introduce loops, or is the packet 
> loss information propagated instantly?

Well, once a node emits a TC message, the idea is that the whole network 
learns the new state of affairs at this node within a pretty short time. 
So, I do not expect any problems, if you stay in the realm of seconds 
and not milliseconds.


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