[OLSR-users] willingness vs. LQ routing

Stefan Sayer (spam-protected)
Wed Feb 9 18:32:53 CET 2005

Hello Andreas,

Andreas Petersson wrote:
> configure one link_speed parameter per interface.
if you need a quick hack, use this one and configure the link ETX 
statically (also very easy to change to a multiplicator):

btw for debugging of LQ I made a patch here
where you can define in the config
LQHack4 {
  IP_src1 IP_dst1 lq1
  IP_src2 IP_dst2 lq2
which will override the LQ calculated from packet loss of the links 
IP_src1 to IP_dst1 with lq1 (and 2 respectively) and use that for route 
calculation (tested on win32/cygwin only).


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