[OLSR-users] willingness vs. LQ routing

Andreas Petersson (spam-protected)
Wed Feb 9 14:23:55 CET 2005

Thomas Lopatic wrote:
> [...]
>> I would suggest the following: instead of a "expected transmission 
>> COUNT" metric one could use a "expected transmission TIME" metric.
> [...]
> What do you think?

yes yes yes yes yes yes !

this is exactly what i want. this will give us a lot of flexibility in 
planning our network, and it will certainly give us improved 
performance. defining this per-remote-ip is great, too.

it would be really neat if we could redefine these parameters without 
restarting olsrd. then i would write a script that estimates the link 
speed with iwconfig/ifconfig or ping and calculates those values.
(of course i will use a hysteresis for this)
would changing those values too often introduce loops, or is the packet 
loss information propagated instantly?


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