[OLSR-users] Free/Net BSD support.

John Clark (spam-protected)
Fri Feb 4 23:08:30 CET 2005

Andreas T√łnnesen wrote:

>Hi John,
>Current CVS version has a OS=nbsd option. However, I have not tried to run
>olsrd on NetBSD so I do not know much about it's status. But you could
>check if using the current CVS version makes any difference.
>Does anybody have any experience running olsrd on NetBSD?
>(Hopefully I'll get myself a MacMini sometime this spring, that would help
>out on OSX testing :-D )
>- Andreas

That seems to work in my 2.0 NetBSD setup. The warning message came out 

However, I don't have time to really go further until I return on the 
16th of Febuary.
I could also test it on Mac OS X then as well.

John Clark

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