[OLSR-users] Problem of Neigbor adress(::) in IPv6

Frédéric DELAUNAY (spam-protected)
Thu Apr 28 15:38:27 CEST 2005

hi all,
I send a mail a time ago concerning a problem to use olsr with IPv6, I 
had no response and  I still have the same problem.

Here's my configuration (3 nodes in the same prefix 2001:100) :
(Node A) 2001:100::1/64 ======== 2001:100::2/64 (Node B) 2001:100::3/64 
========= 2001:100::4/64 (Node C)

So I started well OLSR but in my HELLO packet I have Neigbor adress as  *::
*So node can't create neighbor table and can't modify route table...
I just have some  HELLO and MID packet but no TC packet...

Is my configuration ok ? What can I do ? What is my mistake ?
Tell me if you want more details.
Pleaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeese Help ;) !!!



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