[OLSR-users] 0.4.8 segfault

Andreas Tønnesen (spam-protected)
Mon Apr 11 19:46:36 CEST 2005

Ignacio García Pérez wrote:

>I have observed that the files oparse.c and oscan.c should NOT be there, since they are generated by flex & bison. Just in case this was the problem, I erased them and recompiled, with no luck.

We decided to include the generated c files with the releases so that
users are not dependent on flex/bison to build olsrd, given that the
content of these files is static.

>So, I know that:
>1- This is probably a problem that has already been discursed in the list.
>2- This is already fixed in CVS.
>3- This is already fixed in 0.4.9.
I remember there was some problems with interface lookups
for links in 0.4.8. I cannot quite remember the fix right now,
but it will include updateing source and then you might as
well upgrade to 0.4.9... or?

- Andreas

Andreas Tønnesen

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