[OLSR-users] Problem to use OLSR in IPv6 ?

Frédéric DELAUNAY (spam-protected)
Tue Apr 12 17:05:09 CEST 2005


I try to use OLSR with IPv6. I explain you everything I do:
I have 3 nodes connecting on a hub.
1. I configure my interface
- node A : fec0:4::1/64
- node B : fec0:3::1/64 and fec0:3::2/64
- node C : fec0:2::1/64

2. I try a ping6 between all of that nodes and _it works fine_.
3. I start olsr, ok.
4. I try to ping6 again and I have:
_connect: Network is unreachable_.

If I stop olsrd, I can't ping again the neighbor.
what happens ?

I have juste seen that in HELLO message, Source address of IPV6 is (::), 
Destination address is (ff05::15)
originator address is well : fec0:x::x
but Neighbor Address is (::)...
is that normal ? I have done something wrong ?

thanks for your help !!
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