[OLSR-users] Willingness not taken into account in route table

Frédéric DELAUNAY (spam-protected)
Fri Apr 8 16:29:59 CEST 2005


Here's my topologie using ethernet.
                            .1       .2
                            /           \
                          /               \ HUB               HUB ----
                           \              /
                             \          /
                              .1      .2

So two nodes with two interfaces. By default and 
choose 10.0.3.x node as MPR. I set Willingness at 7 (ALWAYS) on node 
10.0.2.x. 10.0.3.x Willingness is 3. For information I can see that 
information on all nodes.

on node, olsrd-gui in MAIN display as MPR. But there 
are no change in my route table. And effectively all trafic goes through 
10.0.3.x. When I disconnect 10.0.3.x node, trafic goes though 10.0.2.x, 
but as soon as I replug 10.0.3. trafic goes back to that node.

is that a bug ?


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