[OLSR-users] Creating openwrt firmware bin

Marc Quinton (spam-protected)
Thu Apr 7 07:03:14 CEST 2005

On Apr 7, 2005 12:04 AM, Andrew Hodel <(spam-protected)> wrote:
> I should have been more specific, I know how to customize what is
> already there, i.e. in sources/openwrt/root/etc/*
> Where I have a problem is having default software loaded in the system,
> I would like to already have olsrd in the firmware bin when I flash the
> device.
> Is there someway of installing an ipkg into buildroot?

this question should be asked in a forum at OpenWrt. But I'm building
a firmware with Openwrt + OLSR + Dropbear + local DHCP + small
Web server. There are packages at this place :


You can run "make menuconfig", to choose between ikpg installation or direct
installation in firmware,

For each package you are building, you need to write :
* a Makefile,
* a Config.in for make menuconfig,
* a package.control to build .ipk with right meta informations,
* in $(TOPDIR)/package/Makefile, add you package,
* in $(TOPDIR)/package/Config.in, add you package to

then to rebuild you firmware :

make clean (will not clean everythings)
rm build_mipsel/stamp/.package*
rm -fr build_mipsel/package*
rm bin/package/package*

make package_install

iterate this process till your package seem to be correct.

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