[OLSR-users] some problem about olsrd-0.4.9

Sven-Ola Tuecke (spam-protected)
Tue Apr 5 09:43:27 CEST 2005


there is no real problem with the dyn-gw plugin. John may correct his build 
environment or refrain from using the OpenWRT experimental stuff until 
things settled. With the not-so-experminental OpenWRT buildroot and *with* a 
correct complied libpthread installed, there should be no SEGV.

He may also use my "plain" dyn-gw. Heres a resend of my original post to 

the normal dyngw plugin has a lot of disadvantages. It will need libthread
and the ping test normally only works if a default route is present. But:
the normal default route will disturb the routing through the box to other
HNA inet gws. To overcome this, you need to add a "policy routing" default
route with iproute2 in order to bring the normal dyngw ping test into live.

For this reason, I'll use a very plain version of dyngw with my next
freifunk-firmware release. Default-Route (without policy rule) will *always*
announce HNA4. I'll use a cron job/daemon script to switch the standard
default route on or off.

If someone is interested, you may have a look at my olsrd hacks available


""Andreas Tønnesen"" <(spam-protected)> schrieb im Newsbeitrag 
> Hi John,
> I have not had anything to do with the dyn_gw plugin lately so I really
> don't know much about the code. The plugin uses the pthread library, so
> if there is a problem with this lib then the plugin will naturaly fail.
> Has anybody else sucessfully used current dyn_gw on the wrt?
> 0.4.9 is based directly off current CVS(olsrd-0-4-9 tag) with no real
> code changes. If you can make your binary image available somewhere I
> can give it a shot on my WRT.
> - Andreas
> John Gorkos wrote:
>> Andreas-
>>   There's definitely something awry.  dyn_gw works fine on original 
>> WRT54G builds, but the newer build it will not run.  I removed 
>> the -lpthread from the Makefile and sent it out, and I get the same 
>> segfault as soon as it tries to load the plugin.
>>   I don't have a router anywhere near me to test on:  I'm in new orleans, 
>> and all of the routers are in Kansas.  I drove 14 hours to get here, so 
>> I'm a little loathe to drive back right away...  Unfortunately, I don't 
>> have gdb loaded on any of the routers, either, and since they're in 
>> production, I'd rather not monkey too much with them.  I've discovered 
>> that if you make massive changes to jffs, the router will not reboot 
>> (soft boot) properly, and you have to hard (power cycle) boot it.  Since 
>> that involves a person climbing into a 50 year old attic at an hourly 
>> rate, I try not to do it.
>>   I can give you a copy of the binary firmware I'm running on the new 
>> routers, if you'd like.  Perhaps you could load it onto one of yours and 
>> test with it.  Sorry to be a pain.  I only need dyn_gw on two routers, 
>> and both of them are the old firmware, so it's not a showstopper for me.
>>   BTW, the current ipkg file is based on the CVS from a few days ago.  I 
>> ran another CVS update tonight and the only change in the tree was the 
>> release notes.  If the current CVS is what you released, then I'm just 
>> going to leave the .ipkg up on the ab0oo feed.  Let me know.
>> John Gorkos
>> On Monday 04 April 2005 15:11, Andreas Tønnesen wrote:
>>>Hi Ken,
>>>Thanks for your quick feedback on 0.4.9!
>>>This could be a real showstopper... We could need your help in tracing
>>>the problem. What kind of configuration do you use? Do you use any
>>>Could you run olsrd in the GNU debugger? To start do:
>>>gdb olsrd
>>>Then if olsrd crashes you do:
>>>and send back the information this outputs.
>>>- Andreas
>>>ken chung wrote:
>>>>When I run olsrd-0.4.9(linux) in local machine, and other node is
>>>>running olsrd-0.4.8(window) between 2 nodes, the error occur:
>>>>       *** olsr.org - 0.4.9 (Apr  5 2005) ***
>>>>--- 03:34:17.61 ----------------------------------------------------
>>>>IP address       hyst   LQ     lost   total  NLQ    ETX
>>>>         0.000  0.000  0      0      0.000  0.00
>>>>--- 03:34:17.61 ------------------------------------------------
>>>>IP address       LQ     NLQ    SYM   MPR   MPRS  will
>>>>         0.000  0.000  YES   NO    NO    6
>>>>--- 03:34:17.61 -------------------------------------------------
>>>>Source IP addr   Dest IP addr     LQ     ILQ    ETX
>>>>Segmentation fault
>>>>[(spam-protected) olsrd-0.4.9]#
>>>>Can you tell me how to fix it?
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