[OLSR-users] OpenWRT experimental and OLSR

Andreas T√łnnesen (spam-protected)
Fri Apr 1 07:26:10 CEST 2005

Aldert, all,

We are in the process of finalizing 0.4.9 right now. Could somebody
verify if the mentioned problem is still valid in current CVS? I'd
like to make sure it is fixed before releasing 0.4.9.

- Andreas

Aldert J.B.P. Hazenberg wrote:
> FYI,
> As I am always testing OpenWRT I noticed that the new OpenWRT
> experimental of March 28 has a newer version of libpthread in
> use than the stable OpenWRT version --> libpthread-0.9.27.so
> I say this as OLSR seems to have a dependency on this and it
> might be of good information for the developers or people
> who compile OLSR for mips (usage on WRT54G and WL500G etc etc).
> I also noticed that I could not get the latest CVS compilation of John
> (of Wildcat Wireless) for mips to run on this experimental OpenWRT.
> OLSRD seems to crash the second I try to load the httpinfo webpage
> in my browser (sometimes I only get the first page and then it crashes.)
> The slighly older compilation of 8 Feb does work. Wierd.
> I tried it twice on newly flashed openwrt's and they showed the same
> issue....
> Aldert.
> ps, URLs :
> Latest -experimental- version of OpenWRT :
> http://openwrt.org/downloads/experimental/
> (I kinda think it rocks with things like jffs2, so no more wierd
>  symbolic link stuff...)
> OLSR CVS compile of John that seems to crash on experimental :
> http://www.wildcatwireless.net/wrt54g/olsrd_0.4.9-cvs-wrt2_mipsel.ipk
> Older CVS compile of John that seems to work on experimental :
> http://rotz.org/ANC/snapshot-25-Feb-2005/olsr-8feb2005-snapshot-for-mips/olsrd_0.4.9-cvs-wrt1_mipsel.ipk
> (Could not find it on John his repository so put it on my server,
>  if that is a problem I willl remove it of course...)
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Andreas T√łnnesen

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