[OLSR-users] Convincing olsr to select better routes

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Thu Sep 30 12:24:52 CEST 2004

Playing with hysteresis would allow for (hopefully) more stable links if
that is the problem. But remember that that will not actually be a way of
making olsrd prefer routes over the directed interface - it will be more
of a way to make olsrd not accept links on the omni interface.
But it could help you and you should try some different settings. Please
report back if you do :)

BTW: I guess you could also try setting the lower sensibility threshold on
your WLAN interface to a higher value - if possible on your hardware...

- Andreas

>> Sadly the functionallity you ask for is not available in olsrd. This is
>> because OLSR as a protocol is hop-count based _only_. You have the
>> possibillity to set weights on local interfaces, meaning that one
>> interface is preferred if there exists multiple routes with the same
>> hopcount.
> would it help to manipulate the hysteresis settings, so that if there is
> some packet loss (im worried more about the packet loss at the moment
> because it's really annoying) it does select the other route? Perhaps
> lowering hello timeout or something (which would let the routes flap
> more often.)
> greetings mihi
> ps.: we looked at some mesh routing protocolls and olsr is far the best
> for us, and the deamon is maintained regulary and the developer contact
> is excellent.
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> a place without wlan just doesn't feel like home
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