[OLSR-users] Convincing olsr to select better routes

Michael Bauer (spam-protected)
Thu Sep 30 12:22:51 CEST 2004

> Sadly the functionallity you ask for is not available in olsrd. This is
> because OLSR as a protocol is hop-count based _only_. You have the
> possibillity to set weights on local interfaces, meaning that one
> interface is preferred if there exists multiple routes with the same
> hopcount.

would it help to manipulate the hysteresis settings, so that if there is
some packet loss (im worried more about the packet loss at the moment
because it's really annoying) it does select the other route? Perhaps
lowering hello timeout or something (which would let the routes flap
more often.)

greetings mihi

ps.: we looked at some mesh routing protocolls and olsr is far the best
for us, and the deamon is maintained regulary and the developer contact
is excellent.

a place without wlan just doesn't feel like home
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