[OLSR-users] Mesh not meshing

Andreas T√łnnesen (spam-protected)
Thu Sep 2 08:03:39 CEST 2004

Hi John,

Just a quick question before I go off to work. There are no firewall
rules preventing the OLSR traffic from reaching the nodes?
iptables -A INPUT -j ACCEPT -p udp --dport 698

- Andreas

John Gorkos wrote:
> Additional info:
>   I've been doing more testing, with the debug level set to 4, and it looks 
> like the gateway node (.7.1) is finding the mesh nodes in good order, and is 
> adding them to the neighbor table:
> HYST[] link set to NOT pending!
> Neighbor list(23:03:36.281193):
> topology table: 23:03:36.281193
> Unfortunately, the node routers have empty neighbor tables (as seen from 
>         Building HELLO on interface 0
> Neighbor list(23:04:47.170076):
> topology table: 23:04:47.170076
> mid set: 23:04:47.170076
> So, what is preventing the node routers from adding the gateway router to the 
> neighbor list, and from creating the routes?  The config files are identical 
> but the gateway router has the additional HNA4
> entry designating it as a router.  Even if I take the HNA4 directive out of 
> the config file, it makes no matter.
> If time matters, all machines are rdate-ed off the .7.1 machine, which gets 
> time from further upstream.
> It doesn't seem to matter which daemon I start first (nor should it).
> Thoughts?
> John Gorkos
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Andreas T√łnnesen

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