[OLSR-users] Mesh not meshing

John Gorkos (spam-protected)
Thu Sep 2 06:12:45 CEST 2004

Additional info:

  I've been doing more testing, with the debug level set to 4, and it looks 
like the gateway node (.7.1) is finding the mesh nodes in good order, and is 
adding them to the neighbor table:

HYST[] link set to NOT pending!
Neighbor list(23:03:36.281193):[2hlist:][2hlist:][2hlist:]
topology table: 23:03:36.281193

Unfortunately, the node routers have empty neighbor tables (as seen from
        Building HELLO on interface 0
Neighbor list(23:04:47.170076):
topology table: 23:04:47.170076

mid set: 23:04:47.170076


So, what is preventing the node routers from adding the gateway router to the 
neighbor list, and from creating the routes?  The config files are identical 
but the gateway router has the additional HNA4
entry designating it as a router.  Even if I take the HNA4 directive out of 
the config file, it makes no matter.

If time matters, all machines are rdate-ed off the .7.1 machine, which gets 
time from further upstream.

It doesn't seem to matter which daemon I start first (nor should it).


John Gorkos

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