[OLSR-users] DNS plugin

Andreas T√łnnesen (spam-protected)
Wed Jun 23 06:14:16 CEST 2004

Hi Marc,

The mbk sounds like a cool project.
Creating a DNS service-announcment plugin should not be a problem. I can
look into it someday... but as of right now I don't have the time.

If anybody else would like to do it that would be nice. If not, I'll let
you know if I get started on it.

- Andreas

Marc Quinton wrote:
> hello OLSR users,
> I would need a very simple OLSR plugin that change DNS server. I have a 
> meshed network
> made of Wrt54g under OpenWrt b4 + some stuff of me (and Thus) with Unik 
> OLSR running.
> It working greatly, very good job Andreas.
> With OLSR, all my AP can connect to my meshed network automaticaly. Not 
> need to
> do anything except DNS configuration.
> All my AP's are running a proxy DNS. And with proxy DNS, DNS can be 
> cascaded
> until the real DNS server. So It would be a great feature to write a 
> plugin that can
> update /etc/resolv.conf on the fly, based probably on HNA host I suppose.
> what do you think about that ?
> We (me and Thus) have build a Mesh Box Kit (mbk) to build a nice 
> firmware with
> predefined values and all needed feature to run unik-OLSR under a 
> Wrt54g. There is
> no need to telnet the box to configure it. About every things is done 
> with http://ip
> web server. There are some links on :
>  http://reseaucitoyen.be/index.php?OpenWrtMQ
>  http://reseaucitoyen.be/index.php?MeshBoxKit
> thoses pages need to be translated in english. Mesh Box Kit is mainly 
> writen in english.
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