[OLSR-users] DNS plugin

Marc Quinton (spam-protected)
Tue Jun 22 19:56:23 CEST 2004

hello OLSR users,

I would need a very simple OLSR plugin that change DNS server. I have a 
meshed network
made of Wrt54g under OpenWrt b4 + some stuff of me (and Thus) with Unik 
OLSR running.

It working greatly, very good job Andreas.

With OLSR, all my AP can connect to my meshed network automaticaly. Not 
need to
do anything except DNS configuration.

All my AP's are running a proxy DNS. And with proxy DNS, DNS can be cascaded
until the real DNS server. So It would be a great feature to write a 
plugin that can
update /etc/resolv.conf on the fly, based probably on HNA host I suppose.

what do you think about that ?

We (me and Thus) have build a Mesh Box Kit (mbk) to build a nice 
firmware with
predefined values and all needed feature to run unik-OLSR under a 
Wrt54g. There is
no need to telnet the box to configure it. About every things is done 
with http://ip
web server. There are some links on :


thoses pages need to be translated in english. Mesh Box Kit is mainly 
writen in english.

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