[OLSR-users] Long shoot test

Gilles Douillet (spam-protected)
Tue Jun 22 14:43:57 CEST 2004

> Hi,
> We saw the same stuff happen at the test at WoS3. But it's hard for me
> to recreate it here... But hopefully 0.4.5 takes care of it.


At home, I use a simple trick. I'm working with soekris and mini-pci seanao
cards (from netgate).  If I don't put an atenna to one of the mini-pci, and
with suffisent distance between the nodes, I'm a ble to reproduce it.

> HELLO interval is set staically. So if you wan fewer messages to be
> emitted you will have to set this in the config file. You could
> however write a plugin that changes the intervals dynamically.
> But it's very hard to say what parameters you should consider when
> adjusting the intervals. Remember that HELLOS are not unicased over
> links - they are broadcasted. So if slowing down the HELLOS is based
> on fixed links the discovery of new(and lost) neighbors will suffer.

Ok I'll try to code a plugin for this. Now I'm busy with a plugin to
integrate the node name (and maybee services proposed by this node) into
OLSR messages and save it in a DNS cache.



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