[OLSR-users] OLSR parameters important for a complete MANET

Sven-Ola Tuecke (spam-protected)
Thu Dec 23 12:52:09 CET 2004

Hello Andreas,

as you may have already noticed, I maintain and implement a OpenWRT basesd 
Firmware Distro for WRT54-Devices running olsrd (see 
http://styx.commando.de/sven-ola/ffen/ and check out the Admin/OLSR page for 

For the next version of that firmware, I think about implementing a cron job 
to query and change some of the olsrd parameters important for the complete 
MANET. This will give use the opportunity to change several params for all 
stations without contacting every admin one-by-one.

Can you give me hints on what parameters are important for all stations? 
Params such as "TcRedundancy" and "MprCoverage" are canditates. I think 
RTS/FRAG on the wireless level are candiates too.

Note: Here in Berlin, we are running *with* LinkQualityLevel 2. This is 
functioning really great! No more major route flapping and (in most cases) 
routes which are the performant ones.


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