[Olsr-dev] Little change to olsr core

ZioPRoTo (Saverio Proto) (spam-protected)
Tue Jul 24 10:09:30 CEST 2012

> So you are working on a fixed alternative to the LQ multiplier?

Correct !

Moreover if we have two nodes A and B, we would like to have in the
OLSR database a cost for A to B and a cost for B to A that could be

The cost of A to B is set on the configuration file of node A. The
user should specify the directly the ETX.

I would like to comment on this sentence of my student:
> This will change only on the local router the cost of the specified link, without propagation of the fixed value

He means that a node with a fixed ETX value in the configuration, will
continue anyways to speak correctly the HELLO protocol for Link
Quality Measurements for two reasons:

1) to let the node on the other side of the EDGE compute the normal
ETX, in case in his configuration file there is not a fixed ETX
2) to check what the actual ETX would be, because if the real cost is
greater than LINK_COST_BROKEN in will return

of course in the TC messages the link will be propagated with the
Fixed ETX cost, because the routing of the network must converge.

Because we don't want to waste our time doing useless work that will
not be merged upstream, tell us if we can start coding in this

ciao :)


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