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Mon Nov 29 11:21:25 CET 2010

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> Hi.
> >> > We must get someone of the LUCI team involved so that the GUI is
> updated
> >> > too.
> Soma and me are working on it.
> I need to learn about the new tunnel stuff, as it is not 
> covered at all yet.
Good to hear this. :)

> > Smartgateway might need adaptions, to be fully useable.
> What is needed for that? I suppose a bunch of new options and 
> some iptables support code.
SmartGW itself does not need any iptables, just the kernel modules for ipip tunnels.

The important configuration parts at the moment are two boolean switches:

"SmartGateway <yes/no>", which can shut down the whole smartgateway subsystem.
"SmartGatewayUplink <none/ipv4/ipv6/both>", which controls which kind of internet gateway (if available as a HNA) is exported with SmartGateway.

The other options are just for transmitting information about the gateway (upload-speed, download-speed, external ipv6 prefix), which could be used by an improved gateway selector.
> > Txtinfo output added new Gateway and Interface listings, 
> that might be 
> > worth displaying it to the user,..
> Indeed, we can extend the status pages for that.
> > maybe there is something else i forgot, as 0.5.6-r7 is already one 
> > year old,..
> >
> > but despite this you can (afaik without problems) run 0.6.1 with an 
> > unmodified gui.
> > as this changes/features are just "nice-to-haves"
> Yes, someone tested it with vanilla OLSRd and there where no 
> big issues.
> I'll remove olsrd-luci during the next few days.
If there are no special patches involved, this might be a good way to prevent double work.

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