[Olsr-dev] Client Roaming Plugin

Raphael (spam-protected)
Wed Jan 20 22:49:09 CET 2010

Hi everybody

I started developing a plugin that permits clients to connect to a
network and maintain a connection, when they move between two
different Accespoints. This means that Clients who dont have OLSRD
running or use the Ad-Hoc wifi mode, can join a wireless Mesh Network.

It is required that the OLSRD-Node has two wifi Interfaces, one that
is Meshing and one in master-mode, on this interface, they all have
the same IP-adress and give out ip-adresses via dhcp.
Source is available on http://github.com/ralisi/olsrd_cl_roam
I set up a wiki page (in German): http://wiki.freifunk.net/Client_Roaming

So far it has only been tested on two fonera routers.

I still have some issues with the update on routes because the nodes
do not communicate directly.

I need help with adding new olsrd messages so that changing routes is
fast enough to maintain voip-connections.

Please mail me as well if I failed to introduce this plugin's purpose
or way how it works.


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