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wu xiaofei (spam-protected)
Sat Dec 5 18:13:11 CET 2009

Hi folks,

I want to deploy a net :

[Node A]           [Node B]
wlan0    ......    wlan0
wlan1    ......    wlan1
eth0               eth0
  |                  |
[Node M]            [Node N]

node A and node B are some hops away.
wlan0 ,  wlan1
node A: eth0
node B: eth0

I run olsrd on wlan0 and wlan1  of node A and B like this:
./olsrd -f ./olsrd1.conf  -i wlan0 wlan1
in olsrd1.conf  use 'HNA' announced the network of eth0 .
Node M(, connected to node A eth0) can communicate with node N (, connected to node B eth0), using the path  "node M-[eth0 A  wlan0] ... [wlan0  B  eth0]-node N".
If the path [A  wlan0] ... [wlan0  B] is broken, but path [A  wlan1] ... [wlan1  B]  is ok,
could node M still can get to node N, and vice versa?  How long it will take to change the path?


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