[Olsr-dev] [Olsr-users] Insert routes into multiple tables

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Thu Dec 4 21:50:07 CET 2008

> But I don't think it would solve the OPs issue.  The OP had the problem
> that shorewall was abusively installing blackhole routes into his
> routing
> tables, and while it might be possible to work around that using route
> filtering, it would involve some rather nasty hacks.
> His fundamental mistake (or rather the fundamental mistake of the
> shorewall
> developers) was to make shorewall play the role of a routing daemon,
> which
> it is not.  When you're developing a hammer, even routes look like
> nails.
> Shorewall is not the only piece of software that has this kind of
> issue.
> OpenVPN and aiccu also think that they can do the job of a routing
> daemon.


Whoa there...  I can just as easily say that OLSR is strategically
ineffective in it's lack of ability to update multiple routing tables

I wouldn't go throwing stones at Shorewall or it's devs because they try
to make a product that allows people to do things that OLSR can't do
and/or can't cope with.  ;^)

As I already stated, the latest version of Shorewall can take an extremely
minimal approach to multi-ISP routing, allowing it to work with OLSR
in my particular deployment.  Shorewall may still be a hammer, but OLSR's
screwdriver approach wasn't doing anything to get the nail into the board.

I'm not throwing stones, I'm just trying to keep you from throwing
stones when it's not warranted.

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