[Olsr-dev] Quagga plugin CPPFLAGS ignored

Acinonyx (spam-protected)
Thu Oct 11 15:13:08 CEST 2007

On Monday 08 October 2007 11:03:53 Immo 'FaUl' Wehrenberg wrote:
> OK, as promised I looked over it again and did a few updates,
> mostly fixing typos and adding patches from Bernd
> (new plugin-interface), Hannes (new routing-core), Acinonyx
> (Makefile-Fix) and Sven-Ola (bugfixes).
> The version from svn://dev.durchdieluft.net/olsr-quagga/trunk/quagga
> should at least load now again (I haven't done more testing though).
> If someone could just find the time to do some additional tests and
> give feedback it would be great.
> FaUl


I'll do some testing today and report back. :-)


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