[Olsr-dev] static analysis of olsrd

David Cornejo (spam-protected)
Fri Oct 5 00:26:41 CEST 2007


My employer is going to be using olsrd (on FreeBSD).  We develop
medical equipment and so need to run all the code used through a QA
suite which includes a static analysis tool (Coverity Prevent).  I
would like to modify the code to fix some/all of the defects found and
commit them to the tree.

First, is there any objection to this?  If not, then would people
prefer a patch posted for review or should I just commit it (I think I
still have commit privs on sourceforge) and see what happens?

Unfortunately I cannot provide others with access to the defects
viewer, though I can try and put together a summary if there's

I pulled a snapshot from yesterday and came up with a total of 23
defects (in 29129 lines of code) - which is about 0.790 defects per
1000 lines of code.  (for reference, a snapshot of the Linux kernel
had 0.127, FreeBSD had 0.386).

dave c
Hoana Medical, Inc.
Honolulu, HI USA

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