[olsr-dev] Triggering Events using HNAs

Ben McCarthy (spam-protected)
Wed May 9 17:25:45 CEST 2007



I'd like to trigger an event in a process external to OLSR upon receiving a
Gateway advertisement and export the address of the GW at the same time
also. Looking at the OLSRd code (Version 0.5.0), it seems to me that the
best place for me to do this is inside hna_set.c, in the
olsr_update_hna_entry function. As far as I can tell, putting in a trigger
that exports "gw" in the code below "gw_entry = olsr_add_hna_entry(gw);" in
the IF block "if((gw_entry = olsr_lookup_hna_gw(gw)) == NULL)" seems like
the most appropriate place to do this; would you agree?


Thanks for any help,




P.S. Please let me know if you think this mail should have been sent to the
users list rather than the dev list, I am uncertain which is the most
appropriate list to post this kind of question to since it is not about pure
development contributing directly to OLSRd.

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