[olsr-dev] Socket parser and HNA routes' update [QUESTIONS]

Gianni Costanzi (spam-protected)
Mon May 14 17:47:02 CEST 2007

I have the following questions for you:
1) Can a plugin obtain a file descriptor on a character device and
then register to the socket parser a function to be called when there
is available data on it? I think it is possible, even if the socket
parser is meant to call functions when there is some data on one of
the sockets it's controlling, since the socket parser simply invokes
the select syscall on a set of file descriptors..

2) Is it possible for a plugin to replace those functions that update
the routing table with the entries related to "out-of-the-mesh"
networks and that are propagated through HNA messages? I was reading
the Andreas' thesis on OLSRd and I saw that a plugin can invoke
"olsr_plugin_io" (for which I find the prototype in
src/plugin_loader.h but I can not find the implementation...) and
specify the olsrd function for which it wants to set or get a pointer
through some constants like GETF__GET_MSG_SEQNO (example shown in the
thesis).. where are this constants defined? Where is the
implementation of olsr_plugin_io? I'm looking at the 0.5.0 sources.

Thank you in advance for any suggestion. :)


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