[Olsr-dev] olsrd-0.5.2 released

Andreas T√łnnesen (spam-protected)
Tue Jul 17 18:23:50 CEST 2007

Bernd Petrovitsch wrote:
> .deb: Holger Levsen <(spam-protected)> asked if there will be a new
> version or not. That was actually the trigger for the release.
I know, but the repository on olsr.org is maintained by Frank Becker.
Holger: are your packages in the official debian apt-sources? If so I'll
just remove the whole link from olsr.org.
> Windows: Thomas? One needs VisualC++ or so to build everything.
> AFAICT I can compile CVS-HEAD (and thus all recent releases) on CygWin
> (of course) on Win-XP and it works so far:
> - Just install the most recent Win-Version,
> - `cvs checkout` the HEAD,
> - `make build_all` and
> - `cp olsrd.exe *.dll /cygdrive/c/Programme/olsr.org` (or whereever
> olsrd.exe lives on your host).
> Works for me.
Right, but earlier a lot of people showed interest for the windows
package-installer. Also, the standalone(none-cygwin dependent)
binary would probably be of interest.
If cygwin is the way to go here I guess I'll either remove the windows
section or somebody has to build some sort of cygwin package(or
perhaps just a plain binary?).

Also, what is the status for Vista?
> OSX: I don't know.
Maximilian: are you still here? :-)

- Andreas

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