[olsr-dev] I'm thinking about putting a patched - unofficial - version of olsrd-0.4.10 online

Alexander Morlang (spam-protected)
Mon Jan 15 08:50:20 CET 2007

(spam-protected) schrieb:
> Hi Electra,
> you want feedbacl and get it now.
> Thanks, very impressing, to see you working globally as well with so called third world countries.
> Well, you need the adress of a certain pub to get the download url, but for meshing network we need a auto-detect of ip adresses.
> THIS feature is still needed and is not really discussed, or no one is interested in. Nice to have in Berlin a system administator writing each participant (if he got the right pub adress) his dedicated IP adress on a Bierdeckel. But for india we need an auto-ip-signemet. I thought, this is the potential of BATMAN, but as it seems it is just a meta-knowleadge of working routes implemented. For the end-users it is not important, if which protocol is used, in the main view the beer should be delicious!
> So open the pub doors an let anyone in, which is in the nearest area. 
> We need auto-ip-detection NOW. And donĀ“t tell me, what-if there is a double IP adress in the mesh... Then use IPV6 or a pop up box, that asks, if the user is really 18 to drink this beer.
> Cheers !

Dear thomas

Please stop spamming this list, you got on the nerves of many people on 
many lists by demanding a feature and the unwillingness of neither 
discussing potential ways of implementing it nor just going ahead and 
writing it by yourself.

Please correct me, if i am wrong, but you never wrote something 
qualified, you never did anything yourself, you even refuse to 
understand the basics nessesary for a discussion if they do not suit 
your view of the world.

So please shut up,
sincerely, Alex

[stuff deleted]

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