[olsr-dev] I'm thinking about putting a patched - unofficial - version of olsrd-0.4.10 online

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Sat Jan 13 17:28:05 CET 2007

Hi Electra,

you want feedbacl and get it now.
Thanks, very impressing, to see you working globally as well with so called third world countries.
Well, you need the adress of a certain pub to get the download url, but for meshing network we need a auto-detect of ip adresses.
THIS feature is still needed and is not really discussed, or no one is interested in. Nice to have in Berlin a system administator writing each participant (if he got the right pub adress) his dedicated IP adress on a Bierdeckel. But for india we need an auto-ip-signemet. I thought, this is the potential of BATMAN, but as it seems it is just a meta-knowleadge of working routes implemented. For the end-users it is not important, if which protocol is used, in the main view the beer should be delicious!

So open the pub doors an let anyone in, which is in the nearest area. 
We need auto-ip-detection NOW. And don´t tell me, what-if there is a double IP adress in the mesh... Then use IPV6 or a pop up box, that asks, if the user is really 18 to drink this beer.

Cheers !

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Betreff: [olsr-dev] I\'m thinking about putting a patched - unofficial - version of olsrd-0.4.10 online

> Hi -
> first of all: Please correct me if I'm wrong in anything stated here.
> I wanted an up to date version of olsrd to build into a upcoming release 
> of Meshlinux. I learned recently that many important patches didn't make 
> it into CVS yet.  Sven-Ola has a collection of patches at 
> Since it is cumbersome to apply them one by one in the correct order I 
> asked for a patched version of the code.
> I think it is high time that an up-to-date resource 'ready to compile' 
> is published somewhere - at the moment getting a reasonable and stable 
> working version of olsrd is something that only an insider can achieve. 
> To exaggerate a bit:  you have to be in a certain club in Berlin at 
> night on a certain day and drink beer with the right guys to get the URL 
> where you find the pieces of a puzzle... Not to mention that you have to 
> be aware first of all that you need exactly this code, because it:
> * consumes a fraction of cpu-load
> * doesn't crash if it has to calculate more than 31 hops between two 
> destinations - believe it or not, Freifunk really ran into this problem...
> * LinkQualityDijkstraLimit switch works
> to mention a few.
> This code is tested in Berlin and many other cities that have meshes 
> working 24/7 since it is included in the Freifunk Firmware. A vague 
> estimation claims that between 1000 and 5000 people use the mesh in 
> Berlin every day for their communication.  The Berlin Freifunk mesh has 
> 400+ nodes - running mostly on of-the-shelf hardware for 40-60 Euro per 
> unit. There is no central administration - individual people 
> administrate their own routers. This is the situation here - other 
> Freifunk networks (Leipzig for example) are closing up to this figures.
> I have seen the big excitement and enthusiasm in Dharamsala/India that 
> people have about their - yet small - mesh. And I learned that they were 
> not able to configure it properly. The participants of the 
> WSFII/AirJaldi Summit faced instability of the internet connection - 
> since the Tibetan Technology Centre didn't know which configuration file 
> to use and that they had to enable FishEye to get rid of routing loops 
> under payload.  Many people from India/Pakistan/Nepal/Bangladesh (...) 
> are looking forward to roll out meshes to mitigate their lack of 
> communication infrastructure. I was approached by people that are in 
> need for information and working code.
> I think it is high time to state: There is an enormous communication 
> problem.  Mesh development is important for many people on this planet - 
> especially the poor (telemedicine a.s.o.). People need a new release
> *now*.
> Governments - especially in developing countries - need a well working 
> open-source solution to provide mesh communication infrastructure.  The 
> government of India has launched an ambitious program to connect 600 000 
> villages in rural India. A part of the job can be done with wireless 
> mesh and the Indian Ministry of IT is interested in this.
> Ok - that was a long introduction. Here is why I wrote this: I'm 
> thinking about putting the patched source archive of olsrd on line 
> somewhere. There is no point that a well-configured and up-to-date 
> working version of olsrd is only available if you install Freifunk 
> Firmware or Meshlinux. That would be  a good marketing strategy of course.
> I don't want to start a new development branch/fork/whatever of olsrd. 
> Or become a maintainer. I want to avoid doing unnecessary work or 
> pissing anyone off. I just want to have a URL with up-to-date code that 
> I can point people to. And I - finally - want to get rid of RFC3626 in 
> this version. I have made a change to the archive on my harddrive: I 
> altered the behavior of the Makefile and naming of the daemon. So far 
> olsrd-0.X.X always installs by default a configuration file that is 
> RFC3626-compliant. I consider this is a bug, not a feature... By default 
> the changed Makefile will install LQ with FishExe - because it is the 
> way to go. Since this modified bit would now do what we discussed about 
> 0.5.0 one year ago - I would publish it as 0.5.0-unofficial...
> Please tell me you opinion.
> cu elektra
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