[olsr-dev] TC messages sent by non-MPR nodes

Eduard GV (spam-protected)
Tue Mar 7 00:21:42 CET 2006

Hello again,

> Still, my opinion on this remains that TC emission is not
> controlled
> by checkig if the node is selected as MPR but rather by building TC messages
> according to the TC redundancy setting and emit the message if it has any
> nodes included(wit the exception of the emtpy TC emission interval)

That answers my quiestion. The fact that nodes not selected as MPRs,
send TC messages when TCRedundancy=2 corresponds to an expected

The paragraph of the RFC that confused me was that of 9.3 (TC Message
Generation) that says:

   "In order to build the topology information base, each node, which has
   been selected as MPR, broadcasts Topology Control (TC) messages."

but, maybe it doesn't mean that non-MPR nodes are not able to send TCs.

Thanks for your interest.


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