[olsr-dev] TC messages sent by non-MPR nodes

Andreas T√łnnesen (spam-protected)
Mon Mar 6 21:25:04 CET 2006

>>The olsr.org implementation should work this way(in both RFC
>>and LQ mode AFAIK).
>In fact, it does this way (when TCRedundancy=0). When TCReduncancy =
>2, theoretically, MPRs should also send all their detected neighbors
>(i.e. not only MPR-selector set).
Aha... So your take on this is that TCs should only be sent by MPR 
selected nodes.
Ok - I have interprated this differently, but I agree that the RFC is 
not totall clear
at this point. Still, my opinion on this remains that TC emission is not 
by checkig if the node is selected as MPR but rather by building TC messages
according to the TC redundancy setting and emit the message if it has any
nodes included(wit the exception of the emtpy TC emission interval)

- Andreas

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