[olsr-dev] Technical report on OLSR-ETX

Thomas Lopatic (spam-protected)
Thu Dec 14 17:43:23 CET 2006

Hi Weverton,

If I remember this correctly (it's been a while...), olsrd selects MPRs
such that all two-hop neighbours are reachable via the best possible path.

We take all links from us to all one-hop neighbours and all links from
those one-hop neighbours to all two-hop neighbours and then calculate
optimal (two-hop) paths from us to all two-hop neighbours. Then we
select those one-hop neighbours that are involved in at least one of
these optimal paths as an MPR.

The most obvious difference between our implementation of ETX and ETX as
described in the cited paper is that we do not send extra packets to
detect the quality of a link. Instead, we detect the packet loss among
OLSR packets (HELLO, TC, etc.) received from our neighbours.


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