[olsr-dev] Changes and some bug fixes to olsrd

Sven-Ola Tuecke (spam-protected)
Mon Dec 4 11:25:25 CET 2006


my collection of patches against 
http://www.olsr.org/releases/0.4/olsrd-0.4.10.tar.bz2 is complete so far. As 
anncounced, I've put them here (sequence here: While 
I do not really care for coding styles (if required, run your favorite code 
beautifier), I'am very interested in function. I've ignored any stuff in CVS 
since the status of the repo is unclear to me (does libnet work? what about 
the windows switch?). And yes - a merge or fork may be necessary soon.

// Sven-Ola

"Bernd Petrovitsch" <(spam-protected)> schrieb im Newsbeitrag 
> On Wed, 2006-11-29 at 20:00 +0100, Erik Tromp wrote:
>> We're using OLSR in a mixed wired/wireless network. And we're
>> using VLANs, and there is one IP-interface per VLAN. That
>> adds up....
> And we (FunkFeuer) have 6 (ATM, IIRC) of these too in said openvpn
> tunnel server (additional to the dozen (ATM, IIRC) of tunnels - still
> growing).
>> Sven-Ola, thanks for the link to your patches! I will have a look at
>> them in a couple of days.
> May I ask you to look into CVS HEAD (and/or the "stable" olsr_04 branch
> - ATM there is not much functional difference - see also
> http://olsr.funkfeuer.at/)?
> I have already killed the MAX_IFS constant completely in the HEAD (and
> branch) - mainly because there was no code actually checking against
> that limit.
> I will look ASAP at your patch.
> Actually I have a local checked out CVS HEAD which adds lots of -W
> options and cleaned up the warnings (and fixed a few glitches detected
> in that process).
> And that patches version runs on my node.
> Speaking about releases: I don't know how and when Andreas released a
> new version.
> It makes probably more sense to integrate your (and Sven-Olas) patches
> based on 0.4.10 and produce 0.4.11 before I commit my patched tree since
> I'm also "fixing" the coding style (we have at least 3 more or less
> different coding styles throughout the source - not counting plugins -
> and fixing that makes reading the code at least for me easier).
> Bernd
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