[olsr-dev] auto ip address assignment

Lorenz Schori (spam-protected)
Wed Apr 5 10:44:17 CEST 2006

Am 05.04.2006 um 10:23 schrieb Jens Nachtigall:

>>> I think in the freifunk firmware, which most
>>> meshes use, also the MPRs are switched off, i.e. every node  
>>> behaves linke
>>> an
>>> MPR. So the hierarchie is flat. This is because, the MPR idea did  
>>> not
>>> work out.
>> I didn't know that... it sounds quite frustrating. MPR seemed to  
>> be a good
>> idea...
> Yes, MPRs seem to be one of these ideas which work out nicely in  
> theory, but
> once the code is there and you start experimenting in a real world  
> mesh, it
> did not work out that nicely. But for your ip auto stuff this is  
> actually
> good news, because the duplicate ip address detection becomes much  
> easier,
> because every node (not only MPRs) sends link state (i.e. topology)  
> messages,
> so you get the seq. number plus its originators ip address from  
> every node.
> so the ideas of pacman are easier to implement. Anyway, if you have  
> a good
> auto ip generation (ie hashing from the mac addr) the detection  
> will be used
> rarely. But i would not wait for the best of all ideas, just start  
> something,
> we test it in reality, and then it goes forward in small steps.
> jens

hashing from mac address... this reminds me on bruxelles patched  
dhcpd (1). if we go this way with an olsr plugin it would be really  
cool if it could speak dhcp as well... then olsrd would become a self  
configuring distributed dhcp server. wow.

1) http://www.reseaucitoyen.be/wiki/index.php/PatchesUdhcpd
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