[olsr-dev] auto ip address assignment

Abhishek Misra (spam-protected)
Tue Apr 4 06:40:09 CEST 2006


we have been working on mesh networks for quiet some time 
but our model for now has not really been adhoc

we keep routers in master mode and make a wds links 
we have just completed auto setup of wds links (some additions were made
to hostap driver) and are now considering auto ip address assignment

we are trying to evolve a simple scheme to assign ip to these wds links
based on uniquely configured node id (once in a life time configuration)
we are looking at a more or less stable mesh (i.e. no really adhoc)
well ip address assignment may not depend on wds depending upon

i'll go through the suggested link and discuss more 
On Mon, Apr 3, 2006, Jens Nachtigall <(spam-protected)> said:

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>> We've thought that using any existing implementation could be a good idea
>> (like PACMAN <http://sourceforge.net/projects/pacman-autoconf/>).
> I had a look at PACMAN a year ago, it is not working with the current olsrd=
> =20
> release, also it only works on linux. But the ideas of pacman as described =
> in=20
> the paper, are quite good, if I remember right. So if were you, i would rea=
> d=20
> that paper and reimplement these ideas all from scratch in a olsrd plugin.=
> =20
> The algos in the paper are enough to get it working, afaikr.=20
> Please also note, that nobody uses the original olsr-rfc-protocol, but rath=
> er=20
> the enhancements like etx. I think in the freifunk firmware, which most=20
> meshes use, also the MPRs are switched off, i.e. every node behaves linke a=
> n=20
> MPR. So the hierarchie is flat. This is because, the MPR idea did not work=
> =20
> out.
> Good luck on implementing. Rather get started, there are already so many=20
> papers on meshes, but code is rare ;-)
> All the best,
> jens
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