[olsr-dev] LQ code enhancements

onelektra (spam-protected)
Tue Mar 1 16:24:11 CET 2005

Hi Sven -

> in practice, I observe diversity in OLSR packet sizes. OLSR Packets between 
> 28 Bytes and 1400 Bytes UDP payload can be seen on my WRT devices. Another 
> observation is, that on relatively bad links the packet loss is correlated 
> with the packet size. Which means: You will get ping answers but cannot 
> contact the same web site until you set MTU=256 or similar.

LQ is calculated from hello-messages only. They should be realtively 
small. Thomas suggested to increase the hello-paket-size to a fixed 
amount. This may be well worth a try, but is a dirty trick.

> But I fully agree to the "do the homework first until going further" thing 
> Thomas expressed earlier. 

Yes, that was my intention, too.

> For my situation here (with fixed stations) manual 
> tweaking with the LQ multiplier option and/or with the brute force iptables 
> block-that-link method will do. Note: The LQ/ETX works great, but manual 
> tweaking may work better ;-)

No doubt about that. But that is only a solution for a few 'enlighted' 
individuals ;-)

cu elektra

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