[olsr-dev] LQ code enhancements

onelektra (spam-protected)
Tue Mar 1 15:40:44 CET 2005

Hi list -

the idea of weighting hello-paket-sizes came up with the introduction of 
the LQ-extension. I was discussing this with Thomas by the time he 
implemented the LQ-mechanism.

I suggest that the core of the routing-deamon has to proof that it is 
stable before considering such finetuning.

It is a point to look at. But is it worth the effort? I m not quite 
shure. Why weight paketsizes? The paketsize of hello-messages increases 
if a node has more neighbours. Since we still use only one interface 
having more neighbours also means having more collisions.

So we are not weighting the paketsizes, but in practise a node with many 
neighbours faces more paketloss of hello-messages not only cause it has 
to send bigger hello-messages. Considering the node has to send bigger 
pakets will be more accurate but palliate its situation.

I think the effect of introducing this into the code is marginal. It 
certainly increases the complexity of the program and consumes more 

cu elektra

> Hi Sven-Ola,
>> just an Idea, I would like to mention. Is it possible to consider the 
>> packet size when calculating LQ/NLQ? A big 1400 byte packet should 
>> have more
>> weight than a short 28 byte mini packet. As far as I can tell, the LQ 
>> code
>> just counts packets...
> Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I also think that this is something to 
> consider in the future. I think that many interesting ideas have been 
> voiced on the mailing lists concerning an improved, configurable, and 
> flexible metric that is a superset of ETX, and that weighting small 
> packets different from larger packets is something that we should look 
> into.
> I fully agree that we should experiment with these things, but first I'd 
> like to make the current link quality code stable, so that we have a 
> good foundation from which to start.
> -Thomas
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