[olsr-dev] LQ code enhancements

onelektra (spam-protected)
Tue Mar 1 17:42:53 CET 2005


> [diversity in OLSR packet sizes]
>> LQ is calculated from hello-messages only. They should be realtively 
>> small. Thomas suggested to increase the hello-paket-size to a fixed 
>> amount. This may be well worth a try, but is a dirty trick.
> Errrm, well, yes, only using HELLO messages is the original design. 
> However, olsrd uses the packet sequence number of the complete OLSR 
> (UDP) packet (which may contain more than a single HELLO, TC, MID, or 
> HNA message). What this means is that we calculate the packet loss over 
> OLSR (UDP) packets and not OLSR messages, which we can in turn see as 
> calculating the packet loss over all OLSR messages and not only HELLOs.
> So, we may see pretty large OLSR (UDP) packets, simply because our 
> neighbour squeezes a lot of OLSR messages into a single UDP packet to 
> save bandwidth.

You are shure that was a good idea?

cu elektra

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