[olsr-dev] Re: cpu load?

aaron (spam-protected)
Thu Jun 2 00:48:25 CEST 2005

On Wed, Jun 01, 2005 at 11:21:37PM +0200, Thomas Lopatic wrote:
> Hi Aaron.
> Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Let me ask a few questions to
> get a better feeling for this problem.
> * How do you measure the packet loss? Is this the packet loss detected by
> olsrd (i.e. the LQ value) or is this the packet loss detected by
> SmokePing?

i am talking about packet loss to the extend of "this node is dead"
The funny thing ist: it will just as well even occur on pure ethernet 

> * I assume that we're talking about packet loss on a single link here,
> e.g. between nodes A and B. Does olsrd report a high packet loss (i.e. LQ

packet loss / "node is almost dead" for a random (or seemingly random) number of nodes. At first it looked like it affected only omni nodes but actually it happend to our dot_draw plogin / map painting machine b) to most omnis and c) to 
some cable connected directional link nodes (all of them excpet for the pcs)
are linksys
almost dead means: it will take a very long time until a ping goes thru
or until we can conect via ssh

> value) on both nodes involved in the link, i.e. on A and on B?
it seems hard to reproduce.. .i will keep my eye open and try to 
connect again when that happens . but as soon as i retart olsrd it works fine. 
so if i restart olsrd with -d 1 then all seems ok :)

> * Which of the two nodes do you have to reboot to make the problem go
> away? Both? Or only the one that reports the high packet loss? Or only the
> other node?
hm good one. so far i rebooted most of them and everything was ok again.

> * Do you have to reboot the node to make the problem go away or is it
> sufficient to restart olsrd?
see above.

sorry if my report is a bit unspecific. It is just hard to track down. 
but questions like these help already.

> Thanks,
> -Thomas


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