[olsr-dev] freebsd multiple interfaces

Andreas Tønnesen (spam-protected)
Fri Feb 4 22:46:16 CET 2005

Hi Dave,

Great to hear that you are looking into the FreeBSD multiple interface isse!

We have tried to keep olsrds dependencies to a minimum since it is used
much on very limited embedded type systems. I would like to keep it this
way, however if you reckon' libnet is the most feasable way to go for the
FreeBSD port then that is IMO the way it is going to be. Have you got any
estimate/idea of what kind of job it would be to implement the parts of
libnet needed directly into olsrd? I have not looked at libnet/FreeBSD
suff at all - I'm just curious :)
We should also keep resource usage in mind, so if using libpcap would
include stuff like setting interfaces in promiscous mode(just a wild
example :) ), then I would not be to keen on that. But then again, I have
no problem leaving the FreeBSD decitions up to you Dave, but I don't think
a platform independent use of stuff like libpcap will be something we
But then again - if this is provided as a option, then it'd be something

Regarding the moval of the input/output functions, I'll have a look at it
when I get back to town.

- Andreas

> The inability to bind to a socket is exactly what I'm trying to get
> around.
> I don't like the use of libnet much either, but the portability is
> compelling.  I could even use pcap on the receive.  Reagrdless, it
> might be nice to have a pcap/libnet solution as an option.  Now if
> only there was a portable route library...
> dave c
> On Fri, 04 Feb 2005 09:22:13 +0100, Roar Bjørgum Rotvik
> <(spam-protected)> wrote:
>> David Cornejo wrote:
>> > I have a very rough attempt at making olsrd work with multiple
>> > interfaces in FreeBSD.  Right now I'm using libnet to make up outgoing
>> > packets, and have hacked the receive side to make it work.  It's
>> > really ugly, but it seems to be working so far..
>> >
>> > I've run into a structural problem - net_output() (in src/net.c) and
>> > olsr_input() (in src/parser.c) require a lot of changing, and I'm
>> > thinking they might better off in the OS specific directories.
>> >
>> > So, couple of questions:
>> > 1) is anyone radically opposed to the usage of libnet?  I've seen some
>> > things coming in FreeBSD 6 that would allow less modifications (maybe
>> > even none), but that doesn't help those of us stuck at FreeBSD 4 or 5.
>> >  Libnet would be portable across all these.
>> Personally I don't like to include more external libraries than needed,
>> but if this is a special case for BSD I wouldn't care as much as I don't
>> use this platform :)
>> I guess that BSD4/5 is missing functionality to "bind" a socket to a
>> spesific interface like Linux can?
>> If this is the case, I don't understand what libnet does to fix this
>> that olsrd cannot do directly?
>> If this is not the problem you are trying to fix, what problem does
>> libnet fix for you?
>> --
>> Roar Bjørgum Rotvik
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Andreas Tønnesen

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